Venture entrepreneurs create high-tech cluster


On February 18, 2015 in the capital of Ukraine the network cluster of high technology is going to start it’s work, which will deal with the development and implementation of products to support the defense of the state. It has been said by executives of the innovative company UA.RPA Admiral Ihor Kabanenko and Danil Sytnikov, initiator of the cluster Evgeni Utkin and member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Association of Venture Capital Bohdan Kupych during the press briefing in the Ukrainian crisis media center. “Leading world economy has learned to win in conflicts, using modern technologies. Ukraine has a broad intellectual potential and capabilities to effectively defend against any external threat “- said admiral Kabanenko.

The main task of the network cluster will be the development of dual-use products. “Unlike enterprises of the defense-industrial complex, we want to do things that can be used both in war and in peaceful time. In particular, they are systems and methods of administration, mathematical algorithms and operating systems that will lay the foundation for the development of all the high-tech industry of the country “- said Mr. Sytnikov. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs admit that their current projects are concentrated on innovation in the defense sector. Admiral Igor Kabanenko said that key areas of activity today are the development of drones, radio communication systems, detectors and systems for more precise artillery fire.

Evgeni Utkin also highlighted the role of UA.RPA as a focal point for Ukrainian startups. “If you look at those who moves forward technological progress, they are not large corporations, but small and dynamic startups. Network cluster provides to entrepreneurs the opportunity to join efforts for larger projects “- said Utkin. Besides Ukrainian experts there are plans to attract foreigners with rare specializations, such as developers of MEMS chips. Among current specialists of the cluster there are representatives from research centers of the US, Canada and Norway.

Businessmen also admitted that the most productive venture companies may be in the form of public-private partnerships. Thus the state can take the role of chief promoter of the Ukrainian high-tech at the national and international markets. “We have already started to establish contacts with countries of North America, Poland and Israel. Ukraine has all chances to become a powerful state with a modern army and innovative economy, “- concluded Mr. Utkin.

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