UA.RPA’s projects were presented at the international military-industrial exhibition “Volonterskiy voyenprom 2”


On Friday, the 22th of May at the premises of the exhibition center “KyivExpoPlaza” has begun a two-day international military-industrial exhibition «Volunteers’ Military Industry Expo 2» supported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Association of People’s Volunteers Ukraine. Organizers created the conditions for Ukrainian and foreign enterprises to showcase products intended to use in defense and military fields. Among the invited guests there were the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine, Parliament Speaker of Ukraine, Defense Minister of Ukraine, Health Minister of Ukraine, Interior Minister of Ukraine, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, National Guard Commander of Ukraine, Chief of Staff, Chief of Rear and other governmental bodies.

Among those who took part in the exhibition there were representatives of UA.RPA. Special attention was devoted to samples of tactical accessories for AK (including a picatinny rail system for AK-47/AK-74 developed by UA.RPA’s engineers, which is compatible with the rifle grenade launcher and has neither domestic nor foreign analogues) and shooting simulator.

During the exhibition specialists of UA.RPA held a number of negotiations with potential customers, exchanged experiences for further improvement of products and visited the pavilions of domestic and foreign production.