Laser range finder
Laser range finder

Laser range finder

The rangefinder is designed to measure distances to objects in the range of 50 to 2000 m with a meteorological range of not less than 20 km.

The control of the operation of the device and the issuance of the measurement result is carried out by means of a serial interface.

The device can be used as part of a variety of systems in which there is a need to measure distance.


  • Wavelength laser radiation λ- 905nm
  • The power of the probe pulse is 200 W
  • The mean square deviation of the measured distance is 2m
  • Ready to measure - no more than 3 seconds
  • Supply voltage 12-22V
  • Angle difference of laser radiation 3mrad
  • Dimensions of the target with a maximum distance of 3x3 m

Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature: minus 40 ° ... plus 60 ° C;

Relative humidity: 30 ... 98%.

Overall dimensions: 100x50x100mm,

Weight of the product - no more than 450 grams

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