Laser Optical Detection System «LODS-2000»

Laser Optical Detection System «LODS-2000»

LODS-2000 realized sniper optics detection BEFORE SHOOT!

The optical multisensor system LODS-2000 is a modular, flexible and integrated reconnaissance system.

It combines laser range gating, thermal and optical technologies for maximum capabilities in target detection.

LODS-2000 Outdoor Unit (ODU) includes:

  • LID Module - Laser Illuminator device
  • LRF Module - Laser Range Finder (up to 2000 m)
  • CCD camera HD / 30x Zoom
  • Active processing unit incl. Dual Compass- and GPS- system
  • Power supply 220 V / 12 V
  • Pan-Tilt 360 deg.
  • Option:  75 mm Thermal camera (detection of humans up to 2 km)
  • Option: Transportation kit
  • Option: Tripod
  • Option: Mounting kit for cars
  • Option: Long range thermal camera system

Sniper detection with LODS-2000


Indoor Unit (IDU) includes:
  • Mil Spec Laptop with LODS software lice
  • Option: HDMI Video Grabber (for recording)
  • Option: Joystick
  • Training (3 days, at manufacturer´s premises)

System features:

  • Automatic detection of optical lenses
  • Situation report on map
  • Fully remote controllable via cable or wireless

Special Auto Detection Mode

The system uses an automatically scan mode to detect optics by a software algorithm. It scans the preconfigured locations for a defined time period.

Suitable Applications

  • Sniper detection
  • Perimeter intrusion detection
  • Border control and protection
  • Counter-intelligence operations
  • VIP protection
  • Protection of critical infrastructures

Thermal Module

  • Recommended: 75 mm focal length, for targets up to 2 km
  • Option: Other thermal / CCD cameras

Sniper detection with LODS-2000






Optical parameters:

Sensor type CMOS
Connection type Ethernet
Resolution 1280*720
Optical Zoom 30х
Minimum illumination 0.005lux
*Optional can be added thermal image sensor
Detection options:
Min. distance detection target 100 m
Max. distance detection of a sight with a diameter of 50mm Up to 2000 m
Accuracy of distance 3m
Horizontal viewing angle ±180˚
Vertical viewing angle ±30˚
Maximum scan speed 5˚/с
Global position Sensor GPS
Electrical parameters:
Voltage range 22-30V DC
Power supply Battery 48V (POE), Charge from 22-30В(DC), 220В(AC)
Battery life continuous operation, min, hours ≥12 hours
User interface:
Type Military PC
Display 15,6'' TFT LCD FHD display (1920 x 1080)
Dimensions (DxWxH) 410 x 65 x 290mm
Weight 3,5 kg
Constructive parameters:
Dimensions of the optoelectronic unit (DxWxH) 220х300х100mm
Weight of the optoelectronic unit 8kg
Weight of the support-turning device 10kg
Operating temperature range -30…50˚С
Total weight of the system Up to 52 kg

Optical Detection System LODS-2000.pdf