UA.RPA’s mission – to provide a technological breakthrough into safe and stable future.

Ukrainian advanced research project agency bases its activities on the principles of flexibility, speed and adaptability to real conditions. As a company with strong R&D focus, we prefer AC horizontal approach to the organization of the operation process and horizontal coordination instead of vertical governance and focus on the achievement of new qualitative changes.

Working for the benefit of Ukraine, we want to build an effective and mutually beneficial public-private partnership to achieve technological advantages in key areas of defense, and also establish an efficient and effective collaboration with government customers in the development and implementation of modern technologies in weapons and military equipment, and also in military training facilities.

Every day our company coordinates dozens of operational issues for the systematic solving global problems of our activities, such as achieving a technological advantage in defense capabilities; implementation mega-projects – complex technological solutions that systematically improve combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army; building smart public-private partnerships in the defense sector.

We are always open for cooperation and are convinced that together we will get peace and security in Ukraine.