SDR based HF radio for long range communication

SDR based HF radio for long range communication

   Radio electronics


Providing Ukrainian Army and other law enforcement agencies long range communication solutions on distances up to 600 km, based on software defined radio (SDR) technologies. SDR enables dynamically changing radio receiver and transmitter parameters by software means such as digital up conversion and direct digital conversion techniques.


Frequency range: 1,6-60 MHz;

Frequency step: 0,1 Hz;

Frequency instability: +/- 1 ppm;

Modulation: A1A (CWU, CWL), A3E, J3G (USB, LSB), G1B (100, 250, 500Baud), F1, F3E;

ADC: 122 MHz, 16bit;

DAC: 250 MHz, 14bit;

Sensitivity (best): -135 dBm;

Bandwidth: 50 Hz - 12 KHz;

Channel selectivity: 80 dB;

Dynamic range: 100 dB;

Output power: 1, 5, 15 W;

Out-of-band emission: -60 dB;

Frequency hopping: 200 us;

Digital AGC;

Span: 10 KHz – 60 MHz;

External amplification: 100, 200, 400, 1000 W;

FHSS, encryption, GPS;

Voice and data services;

Remote control over ТСР/ІР;

Modular design