The delegation of Defense Research Projects Agency visited the office of UA.RPA

The team of Ukrainian Advanced Research Project Agency was happy to welcome in its office the delegation of world famous agency DARPA, which has been developing advanced technologies for defense of the United States and international securityfor more than half a century. For two days UA.RPA’s top management has communicated with foreign guests to exchange experience in creating leading technologies in the field of defense and security, and has worked on establishing friendly relations between Ukrainian and American high-tech community. During the official visit guests have seensome projects of the company UA.RPA, our developers have talked about the use of our products in actual combat conditions and the effectiveness of implementation solutions that we developed in military units of Ukraine.

DARPA today is the leading American organization that during its existence has taken a number of high-tech developments of international importance. Its areas of research include engineering biology, energy developments, IT, cybersecurity, space technology and many others. The agency brings together the best American and foreign scientists to work together on advanced technologies of the future that can be used to support national security.

During the meetings the team of UA.RPA has discussed with American colleagues prospects for cooperation on projects in the field of defense and security, and have visited recital in the art space in the city center of the capital. UA.RPA’s team thanked the delegation for the visit and expressed hope for future mutually beneficial cooperation.