Start a new area of activity “Laser Technologies”


In August 2015 according to the decision of the UA.RPA’s leadership team of engineers and developers started working on a new area of activity “Laser Technologies”, headed by Serhiy V. Tyurin.

Preliminary analysis of needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as focus on global trends of national defense has allowed experts to form main directions of development for department of laser technology:

  • Laser systems of avoidance interferences;
  • Laser measuring devices for mobile platforms;
  • Laser rangefinders;
  • Laser scanning systems;
  • Laser anti-sniper detection systems

Products based on laser technology can be used not only in national defense, but also in private sector. For example, laser anti-sniper detection systems, in addition to direct anti-terrorism purposes, can also be used to protect private facilities and provide VIP’s security.
Description and product specifications are listed in “Areas of activity and products” – “Laser Technologies”.