President of Ukraine has visited the Expo of domestic technological solutions for the army


On Monday, June 15, 2015 there was the exposition of dual-use high-tech products by companies from Networked cluster of high technology designed to solve the urgent needs of the army and Ukraine to raise the level of technological equipment and defense of our country.

The event was visited by President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko and officials from the national security sector of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense and other military formations and law enforcement. A lot of models and projects by Ukrainian advanced research project agency UA.RPA, which have been developed or are under implementation, had been represented to President and people that make decisions in the field of national defense and security.
The exposition included following models and projects, like operational-tactical drone UAViter, control and intelligence set «Kut-R», class of pre-flight tactical pilot training, interactive training laser shooting complex, combat ballistic helmet and means of modernization of small arms and radio communication. Also President of Ukraine got familiarized with such projects as Tactical reconnaissance and strike system «Kropyva», automated control system of defense resources, modernization projects (artillery systems; night vision devices for armored vehicles; means of observation and reconnaissance, etc.), cyber defense system and other projects.
After seeing the exhibition, President highly appreciated scientific advances that could save hundreds of lives of our defenders and assured that he will contribute to start receiving these developments by Ukrainian troops very soon. “The exhibition shows various ways of increasing the efficiency of cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, General Staff, and I would do everything possible to facilitate distance from idea and construction the first unit to using these technologies in Armed Forces” – he said.
“First samples give serious reasons for optimism – he said and added – We do our best to ensure that those developments would be putted into mass production.” President clarified that he meant night vision equipment, artillery fire control system, improved systems of protection communications in troops, drones, which would be protected from effects of electronic warfare.
During the exhibition the Head of State was accompanied by Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Dmytro Shymkiv, President of «UA.RPA», former Deputy Defense Minister Igor Kabanenko, Chairman of the company «KM-CORE» Evgeni Utkin, Vice-president of «UA.RPA» Danylo Sytnikov and leading developers and engineers.

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