Launch of venture fund «Borsch Ventures»


Borsch Ventures create and develop disruptive technology businesses that operate on the global market.

It capitalizes on Ukraine’s R&D legacy to build international high-tech businesses.
Borsch Ventures address the challenges that Ukraine is currently facing:

  • limited access to markets
  • weak business expertise possessed by Ukrainian researchers and innovators
  • limited financial resources

Today Borsch Ventures is becoming increasingly important in the field of Ukrainian business, providing creation and development of high-tech ecosystem, providing technical and business expertise and access to financial instruments.

The philosophy of Borsch Ventures:
“Every Ukrainian family has its own recipe of Borsch with different ingredients that despite the same traditions always has the unique taste. We as Borsch Ventures are doing quite the same: we gather people, ideas and projects to ‘cook’ and create the dish with outstanding taste – the globally focused company with disruptive innovation”.
Key industries of expertise:

  • defense
  • energy and energy efficiency
  • precise agriculture
  • health

Borsch Venture’s technological focus:

  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics and microelectronics
  • Nanotechnologies and new materials

Fund’s management crew is a company of highly experienced specialists. Known Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Eugeni Utkin became Chairman of the foundation, who created the team of successful professionals in particular professional fields, including Bohdan Kupych (Vice-Chairman of Borsch Ventures), Alla Oliinyk (Managing partner), Admiral Igor Kabanenko, Danylo Sytnikov, Victor Tsyba and Andriy Gordiychuk.
Borsch Ventures has an extensive network of companies operating in high tech market and provide support for many promising startups.

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