Ballistic mask “Trevix”
Ballistic mask “Trevix”
Ballistic mask “Trevix”
Ballistic mask “Trevix”

Ballistic mask “Trevix”


Protect eyes from splinters and fragments that are formed by detonation of explosives and other explosive devices, and protect eyes from various threats artificial and natural origin, including protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Main Technical Specifications:

-      Masks were designed especially for divisions of the Armed Forces and special forces (prototypes have demonstrated the critical reliability and endurance during tests in the field)

-      Maximum broad overview

-      Polycarbonate lenses with thickness of 3.0 mm with ballistic protection

-      The ventilation system prevents sweating, dust and sand

-      The elastic material of the frame promotes tight and comfortable adjoining to the face (color of the frame - on request)

-      Possibility of quick change of lenses according to different lighting conditions (clear – in low light, yellow – in fog and to improve the contrast, dark – in bright sunshine)

-      Compatibility with helmets, different vision devices and night vision devices

-      No optical distortion

-      Protection from UV radiation

-      Masks are compatible with the ESS glasses, including with lenses.